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Christmas coming (too)fast

I know I start most of my blogs and formerly newsletters saying that I can't believe it has been so long since my last blog, but really this time it is unbelievable that the last time I wrote was in August. I hardly know where to begin.

Well we got away from the heat in Piemonte and spent a wonderful week in Puglia with some good friends - obviously it's hot down there but when you are a stone's throw from the sea it's so much more bearable.

So not a lot of painting got done at the height of summer but in the early autumn I needed new work for an exhibition. I started on a series of landscapes which took me awhile to get off the ground not having tackled that subject for some time, but then something clicked and I really got to grips with it and am quite pleased with the results . There are now 10 paintings on exhibition at Casa Serra near Asti - an Eco Resort which has a beautiful restaurant where the paintings are displayed. They have had a great reception. Here are a few of them and a photo of them in situ.

In the next few weeks I will be taking some mountain paintings back to Claviere for a winter exhibition there - in time for enthusiastic skiers to buy some images of mountains for Christmas presents.

I have recently had two great experiences of clients remembering my work from a few years back. In September I was exhibiting at the annual Coccowine fair in Cocconato when a client asked about a painting of mine that she had seen about 10 years ago which she would like to buy if I still had it - yes I did! I am often in a dilemma about keeping old work - but I know what to do now! In November a client who had bought one of my paintings on exhibition at the Gufo Bianco restaurant in Turin, again about 10 years ago, contacted me with a view to commissioning 2 new paintings but on visiting my studio chose a recent floral piece and commissioned me to make another. That was great because my work has obviously moved on from 10 years ago and it is every artist's dream to keep clients with them as their work changes. Here are the two paintings

Another good piece of fortune just recently was that on seeing me exhibiting at a local art fair in the autumn some clients asked to make studio visit, which they did and one of my real mountains favourites has now found a new home.

Goodbye Mont Viso, I will have to replace you!

There are lots of exhibitions on in Turin at the moment that I need to catch up with. Two that I have seen recently are the permanent collection at the Agnelli Enoteca where, amongst a whole host of master pieces, were a wall of Matisse's and four stunning Canaletto's - which I much prefer to the standard ones of the Grand Canal.

and a fabulous exhibition of Miro's works on paper at the Mastia della Citadella

That is about it for now. I have a number of exhibitions lined up in 2024 but I'll write about them nearer the time. For now I shall make a new year's resolution - to write my blog more regularly! So I wish you all a wonderful festive season and will be back in the new year.

Thank you for reading and please note my changed email address-

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