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A Dream Come True

Well it it really has - on 25th April I will be opening Galleria ARTEmide in Cocconato with 3 other artist friends, Ornella (textile artist), Pasquelina (jeweller) and Samantha (ceramicist). After many years of trying to get a project to promote art in Cocconato off the ground we have finally found a suitable location for a gallery and have been working hard to get it into shape ready to exhibit our work from the 25th. We have also managed to hire another space where we will be inviting other artists to exhibit as part of our project - but that is yet to be developed. Cocconato is a beautiful town but like many small towns and villages in Italy it has many empty properties - usually closed off by large shutters, and many of the small shops have closed. Our aim is to help enliven our town through art. Needless to say I am really excited.

Here's my husband Ken putting up the hanging system

The 25th April is the celebration of Liberation Day in Italy and is also the day for the Cocconato Festival of San Marco so we are expecting a lot of visitors. Please come and see us if you are in the area.

Other news.

My exhibition "Più o Meno Turner" in Turin went well. Through a number of contacts I was phoning to arrange for other locations for this exhibition I ended up speaking to the president "Visit Piemonte" which is the official tourism promoter for all of Piemonte and he kindly accepted my invitation to visit the exhibition. Subsequently "Visit Piemonte" have provided me with a large number of contacts in mountain locations that will suitable for showing my paintings. I was also honoured that the exhibition was visited by the Artistic Director of "Roero Creativamente" an important organisation in the Roero region of Piemonte that organises and promotes projects about art and its links to the territory.

Also I am very happy to say that these two paintings found new homes

The organisers, Artàporter have also published a blog about me which you can read by clicking on this link.

For English readers click the translation icon in your URL address bar

Shortly after the exhibition a client came to the studio and purchased one of the Cervino paintings I talked about in my last blog - plus two more - lovely client. Apologies for the quality of the third image - it is a very delicate pastel and does not photograph well.

The Casa Sera restaurant where I had my landscapes exhibition at the end of last year has now commissioned me to make a painting for their new events space. So as soon as the opening of our gallery has passed I will be busy on that plus some more landscapes for the exhibition I shall be having at Castagnole delle Lanze from 23 May.

Earlier in April I was asked to show one of my paintings at a Festival of Ruché wine in Turin where 12 artists were paired with 12 wine producers. I chose one of my floral paintings - red of course! I was paired with the cantina Gatto Pierfrancesco. Ruché wine is produced in an area of about 100 acres in a few small villages in Monferrrato (where I live). It is a beautiful fruity smooth red wine which received its DOCG status in 2011. I love it. DOCG is an acronym for Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita, In English this means denomination of the origin has been inspected and guaranteed.

Here's my painting

I intend to make a book/catalogue of my mountain series and have had them all professionally photographed. I had great day here in the studio with the photographer - Michela Cavalsani who is a truly excellent photographer because she managed to get some OK pictures of me - I rarely seem to be able to make good photo - - I just can't pose. So this is what I look like these days.

Thank you for reading my blog. I welcome any comments.

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