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Where you can see my work.


Galleria Angelica, Piazza San Agostino 8, Rome from 6 to 10th March

Unfair Art Fair, Via Moncucco 35  20143 Milan 3 -5 March


A selection of my works are available at:

Galleria Caruso Vicolo Zirilli, 17 Milazzo, Sicilia-

Consorzio Cocconato Via Vittorio Veneto, 1 Cocconato. Cantina di Dogliotti 1870, Via Fratelli Vicari, 70, 14054 Castagnole delle Lanze AT

Uffico Turismo SP22, 11, 14026 Montiglio AT

Ufficio Turismo, Piazza Cavour 14023, Cocconato

Visitors to my studio are welcome by appointment

February Made Me Shiver

Remember Don McClean?

It is a cold bleak day as I write this especially as this last weekend I tripped over and broke a bone in my hand which is now in plaster for the next 30 days. But the silver lining is that it is my left hand so I should be able to paint- or maybe I might spend the month drawing and trying many of the gorgeous materials that I keep buying and haven’t really explored.


On to more cheerful news.  I continued to sell a number of my black and white snowy landscapes at Christmas and, starting off the new year - one of my little landscapes on wood  to my lovely Dutch/Italian client. (see below)

Also my paintings that missed the Edinburgh Art Fair will now be shown at the Glasgow Art Fair in May.


Other exhibition news is that from the 3rd to 10th March I will be showing the painting below, “Erano Tutte Vigne e Betulle Bianche” (It was all vines and Silver Birches) in an International Exhibition on the theme of “Terra” (Earth) at the Galleria Angelica in Rome. I took the title from a phrase in a book by Cesare Pavese which was “It was All Vineyards” spoken by a character wandering through the countryside when he reached the top of a hill and looked down. I adapted it to describe my countryside in winter with the infrastructure for vines and leafless and bright white trunks and branches of the silver birches.

Also this weekend 2nd to 5th of March I will be exhibiting the painting to the right - “Yellow Iris with Purple” with the group Artàporter at the (Un)Fair Art Fair in Milan. It is a newish fair created by a group of artists in response to the very expensive Affordable Art Fair which was originally set up for us poor artists to be able to sell directly to the public for a reasonable fee. This has now grown into a very expensive gallery only Art Fair. 

Erano Tutte Vigne e

Betulle Bianche

Yellow Iris with Purple

I have spent quite some time recently giving this website a makeover. I have changed the home page -I've decluttered it. Also I have changed all the galleries and my work is now shown by year and not by subject matter. This way it is easier to see how my work has changed over the years. I hope you like it as it took some time - and a lot of effort! If you came directly to this page via a link from an email I sent you, you might have missed the changes. I hope you have the time to take a look.

Workwise, since the new year I have been working on my mountain series. I have about 6 paintings on the go plus two finished ones.  

"There Has Always Been Jade on Monviso"

This  one was included in my exhibition at the CSA Farm Gallery in February. "The Constantly Moving Glaciers on Monte Bianco

Most of the paintings have started to go their own way but I am happy with that and enjoying the process - trying to keep them loose and always trying to convey the power of the mountains.


II think these two are finished, but not sure - I will leave them for a while

These four are definitely in progress

I love the stage this one is at and really don 't know what to do next - so it will stay like this for a while

I have mentioned before that I aim to organise an itinerant exhibition of my mountain paintings in notable locations in the northern Italian mountains - hopefully starting next year. I have started researching this project and am getting a lot of help from my colleagues in my BNI business group. In fact I have just spent the weekend in Claviere by invitation of a colleague and have met some interesting and very helpful people, including the mayor who is very keen for me to exhibit at Claviere. So onward and literally upwards.


I hope to some more finished paintings to show you next time.

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Deck the Halls with Lots of Lovely Paintings!

This is what it is like outside as I write


As always December wizzes by and it is just over a week ’til Christmas.  So I won’t make this too long a newsletter as everyone is busy - if you are like me you always try to do too much. 

So this is what I have been up to recently.

Well I have to report a huge disappointment over the Edinburgh Art Fair - my paintings were held up in customs in the UK for so long that they did not get to the Fair. 


But I have been working hard on ink and mixed media drawings/paintings for an exhibition in my local town of Cocconato. The Comune ( town council) have offered me a lovely space to exhibit during December and the first week in January. Although  my little black and white snowy drawings are quite different from my usual work I find it  quite a nice change  - 3 of them went to new homes last weekend.  


And here are two larger works on canvas - still hoping for Santa to collect!


I also returned to 4 little landscapes painted on wood that I started earlier in the year on my course with Lewis Noble and managed at last to resolve them and have added them to  the show


I am really looking forward to this weekend as it will be my first appearance at the CSA Farm Gallery in Turin which signed me on this year. I am to be presented with two other artists under a theme of “Not only Abstract” we are being presented separately for a weekend each and then as a group show in January and will be shown on the gallery’s stand at a major art fair in Montichiari in Brescia in February. All my work is on the theme of mountains.

This is giving me even more enthusiasm to return to that subject as I will be presented to a new public through this gallery.

Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 14.07.11.png

Obviously the year ending is a time for planning ahead and next year I have a number of exhibitions on the calendar - besides the one above.

In January there is an exhibition/competition at a wonderful mediaeval abbey at Vezzolano in the province of Turin  

All paintings must measure 18 x 24 cms and the winning entry will be used as the bottle label for a large wine producer. I have 3 blank canvases at the moment


The Cloisters at Vezzolano

In March I shall be participating in an exhibition in Rome on the theme of “Earth” which  Adelinda Allegretti Arte will be curating.

I have a number of threads to follow up for exhibitions next year  - art fairs, castles and pop up galleries - watch this space.


In the meantime I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year, and thank you for reading my newsletters.

Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 18.20.50.png

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 Summer's  End - Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness 

This is my first newsletter for some time. I was travelling around the UK for a long time in July and August catching up with friends and family after a long break due to Covid. But now September is here and life is becoming  more active in the art world.  

When I got back fo the UK I did an Emily Ball Floribunda course which was a four day videoed course. I really enjoyed it and it was a good way of getting back into the rhythm of working in the studio. There was lots of drawing and I discovered a number of new materials including charcoal powder and big fat oil sticks. For anyone who loves painting flowers I highly recommend it  - you can find her on


A few examples of my sketches 

During the Fiera  del Tartufo ( Truffle Festival) in Alba  I am taking part in a group show at the Chiesa di San Domenico, Via Teobaldo Calissano, Alba

It runs from  4 - 16 October. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 15.00 - 18.00 Saturday and Sunday 10.00 - 12.00 and 15.00 - 18.00


I am exhibiting four paintings - all inspired by the  vineyard covered landscape in the Monferrato area. Do visit Alba during this time, it is a beautiful city and there is plenty to enjoy especially during the festival


Two works on paper (framed) ( far left) and two works on canvas - all 50 x 50 cms

I am represented by Adelinda Allegretti Arte - based in Rome  and will be taking part in a group show curated by her at the  Scuderie degli Estensi, Tivoli, Rome  from 15-23 October. She will also be showing original printed works of some familiar names and I can’t resist including here the programme on her website. It's great  to have my name next to my all time hero - Picasso!

Adelinda Allegretti



Artisti selezionati: Michael Berger (D), Fernando Botero (CO), Marc Chagall (RUS/F), Salvador Dalí (E), Valentín Gallego Gallardo (E), Alessio Gessati (I), Keith Haring (USA), Damien Hirst (UK), MAOL, Violino Mantieco (I), Marino Marini (I), Joy Moore (UK), Pablo Picasso (E), Andy Warhol (USA), Ersoy Yilmaz (TR).


This is my entry - one of my iris inspired painting from 2021

At last  the Edinburgh Art Fair is going ahead this November. and I will be showing with Jim Woodman  Art. Unfortunately I will not be able to be present in Edinburgh but if you are in the area please do visit . Here is a little taster -


1 of a selection of works on paper 


1 of 5 oil paintings

on canvas

The Fair is from the 17 -20 November at the O2 Academy New Market Road Edinburgh EH14 1RJ

So I am in t he process of getting the necessary paper work for permission to export works of art from Italy, framing and packing works.

I am also in the process of reorganising my studio - I had to relocate  the lovely stove that my husband installed in the studio last winter and so I am taking the opportunity to organise my workspace better. Then I plan to get back to my mountain paintings. I am still keen to organise a large travelling exhibition of mountain painting next year. During the course of this year I have sold a number of them - great as that is it means my collection is somewhat smaller!


That’s all for now and I hope to update you with my activities in November.

Thank you for reading my newsletter and don't forget to follow me on Instagram "JoyElaineMoore" and on Facebook -

"Joy Moore Artist". Also recommend me to any friends who might be interested in receiving my newsletter.

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