Current Exhibitions
Covid permitting a selection of my work can be seen at:
Area Design, Corso Torino, 150, 14100 Asti
Cantina di Dogliotti 1870, Via Fratelli Vicari, 70, 14054 Castagnole delle Lanze AT
Ristorante sul Lago Codana, Via della Repubblica, 32, 14026 Montiglio Monferrato AT
February  2021 Beautiful Ink 

February has been a busy - and very cold month in the studio. But my husband and his blacksmith friend are building me a "stufa ad accumulo" which is a tall wood burning stove that will keep me lot warmer than the two expensive and not very efficient radiators I rely on at the moment!


I have been developing my more abstract/expressive landscapes but I have to say I am making slow progress. I almost always work in a series and have 6 landscape paintings on the go, but I fell into the trap of focusing too much on just one - trying to make it work and have not so far succeeded. Luckily I am following Louise Fletcher's studio sessions on her Art Tribe Facebook page and this month she is has been doing some loosening up work with inks. So I put the landscapes aside and followed Louise's advice. I was just planning  to start experimenting  when I happened to be at the fish stall in a local market and was taken by the lovely shapes of the shell fish and molluscs so I took some photos and used them as a starting point - using black and sepia ink with gesso and some charcoal and graphite. The images here are some of the results. I loved exploring the quality of the inks and gesso - splashing, scraping and rolling (using a printing roller). 

This week has been really busy - I have been following 2 taster online courses with Nicholas Wilton and Gabriel Lipper. Both really useful - particularly to bring you back to the key functions of design, tone and colour  which can get forgotten (certainly by me). I thought I had finished a couple of the landscape paintings but thinking about contrasting tonal values - very much emphasised on both the courses, i made black and white photos of them and can see immediately that they need to be tweaked - so that's my job when I get back in the studio tomorrow.

January 2021

This is my first newsletter - written on 28th January 2021. My news is that I have spent the past two weeks giving this website a major overhaul - so I have not spent much time in the studio. 

Last year I took an on line course with Louise Fletcher called "Find Your Joy" (which I highly recommend) which was not about finding myself but helped me take my landscape paintings in a more expressive direction - trying to free them of topographical detail and to use more symbolic marks and forms to evoke the essence of the landscape. For this reason I have included a new page on this site for "Recent Work" . I am thoroughly enjoying this new and somewhat experimental approach and will write an update on progress when I get back in the studio. Here are some of the sketches I made last year when I was in the Appuan Alps.